IKHAZY’s natural fusion method is made of 100% human Remy hair of the highest quality. Each strand has a weight of 0.8 grams, has a keratin bonding. And the ends are full yet natural.

When you choose pre-bonded keratin extensions the following quantities can offer some guidance:

For adding extra volume: 50 – 100 extensions.

For adding length choose according to your own hair ratio:

Your own hairExtensions needed
Thin hair:100 – 125 extensions
Normal hair:125 – 150 extensions
Thick hair:150 – 175 extensions
Very thick hair:175 – 200 extensions
Short hair:175 – 200 extensions

How much hair extensions depends on the look that you want to achieve. If you prefer weft extensions, 300 grams is the advised minimum for a naturally full head. For a more voluminous look you can add more hair. At IKHAZY a piece of weft extensions has a weight of approximately 100 grams. Please don’t forget to take into account that 100 grams of hair can look different depending on the chosen length. If the hair is short track will become longer.

If you are only looking to add extra volume or length, 100 grams (1 piece) should be enough. Of course these quantities are all about preferences and the look you are going for.

Achieve a beautiful classic balayage look in minutes with these beautiful clip in hair extensions. Made of the highest quality Remy hair full of luster for a luxurious look.
Stay on trend without damaging your own hair.

The Clip In set has a length of 20″ (50 cm) and a weight of 160 grams and is enough to add length en volume to your own hair. If you like we can make Clip Ins with a different length, weight and even custom color.


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